"PERSONA" (English)

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The 50-minute piece PERSONA is a contemporary solo with brushstrokes of Spanish dance. The show combines different techniques of art expression such as video-art, and even the stage as installation. The work outlines a place in common for all human beings who, due to the mere fact of being, stand the existential heaviness of our aspirations under the ballast of criticism from others and, many times, under the yoke of the worst tormentor: ourselves.

PERSONA is a journey to the inside trough the body of the artist. A voyage that will place us in “The  Runaway”,  “The Spiral”, and “The Abyss”. These are the three scenes of the piece, sprinkled with the genius of Unamuno, Friederich Nietzsche, and Milan Kundera. 

A Journey through Three Worlds: The Runaway, The Spiral, and The Abyss.

The known place suffocates us. It is a comfort zone, but also a zone of cowardice. Undertaking The Runaway requires courage, but it is the only way to abandon laziness and be able to reach the terrain of magic, where possibility becomes true. “We travel not to search a destiny, but to escape from the starting point”. M. de Unamuno.

Nevertheless, no one said the path was going to be easy. A horizon of trial and error opens in front of us. We fall into The Spiral, under the influence of a force that drags and retains us. We try to escape outlining new ways, but we fall into old known spaces over and over again. For how long?

Nietzsche responds: until we learn to live with no fear. Until we get to manage our insecurity. Until the fear of freedom fades, because our determination to advance is real, as real as The Abyss under our feet.

“Vertigo means that the deepness opening ahead attracts and seduces us, it awakens the desire of falling, from which we defend ourselves terrified.” M. Kundera

The whole show refers to progress, change, self-improvement, adaptation, inherent qualities of humankind, present or future.  As the distinguished Spanish thinker, Miguel de Unamuno puts it, “Progress consists of renewing oneself”. The people transform such statement into the proverb “Renovarse o morir”, “Reinvent yourself or die”.


Director, creator, performer: Daniel Hernández
Choreography and artistic assistance: María Arques and Sara Cano
-The Runaway lapsus (Luis Guevara)
 -The Spiral Erik Rydvall
-The Abyss Juan A. Gómez
Voices:  Manuel de la Curra and Rocío Soto
Lyrics: Daniel Hernández
Music post-production: Luis Mendes
Video-art: Gastón Gabriel
Photography: Gastón Gabriel and Germán Antón
Spatial concept and costume design: Mónica Teijeiro
Lighting: David Rosell
Wardrobe: Emilio Morales, Irene da Costa and Elena de Paz
Shoes: Begoña Cervera
Communication, press and graphic art: Raúl Armero
Text editor: Elena de Paz
Design of PERSONA: Yes I do concept (Enrique Núñez)
Dossier text translation: Lola Miralles

Show produced by Spin Off Danza in collaboration with:  Emilio Morales, Begoña Cervera, Conservatorio Profesional de Danza of Novelda, and L’Escorxador CCE.

Premiered thanks to the support of the Abril en Danza Festival and the company Otra Danza.

Daniel Hernández
ES(+34) 620 884 591
NL(+31) 615 556 089